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Whether we’re working with governments to evaluate public health programs; helping organizations invest in employment for people of all abilities; or using our own resources to help improve education in the developing world through technology, we collaborate deeply and elevate community voices to shape research design and implementation.


Expert Insights

Kathleen Murphy, Ph.D., is a principal investigator for AIR’s Center on Knowledge Translation for Disability and Rehabilitation Research. She also ...
For people who rely on opioids and experience chronic pain or disability, treatment options are neither simple nor straightforward. AIR ...
Despite its benefits in preventing opioid overdoses, stigma and fear have prevented naloxone from being more widely distributed, and the ...

Featured Work

How NAEP’s Oral Reading Fluency Study Informs Literacy Instruction

In this Q&A, AIR researchers discuss the findings of the 2018 NAEP Oral Reading Fluency Study, which were released this year. They offer their insights into how policymakers, education leaders, and teacher preparation and professional learning programs can use the findings to strengthen literacy instruction.

Two girls reading a book on school steps

Supporting Up-and-Coming Researchers and Practitioners

Over four days, 66 doctoral students from a variety of backgrounds engaged with AIR experts, Institute Fellows, and one another about how to design surveys anchored in cultural and linguistic knowledge, skills, and values as part of AIR's Pipeline Partnership Program.

Standards for Economic Evaluations Address a ‘Glaring Need’

AIR’s Standards for the Economic Evaluation of Educational and Social Programs aim to help decisionmakers optimize the use of limited resources to improve outcomes. AIR experts discuss why the standards were developed, how they can be used, and what makes them particularly relevant now.

Catching Up After COVID

As schools prepare to welcome students and educators back for the 2021-2022 school year, there are a number of pandemic-related issues to address and consider. Our experts offer their insights into these crucial issues and we provide some links to helpful resources and information.